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The collection of the MHS provides an unparalleled record of American history. Well-known for extensive holdings of personal papers from three presidents—John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Thomas Jefferson—the MHS also holds accounts of the lives of thousands of ordinary Americans. This extraordinary collection helps to tell the story of America through millions of rare and unique documents, 工件, and irreplaceable national treasures.

The collection is available to all in person, online, and through 展览 and programs. 了解更多 about 做研究 在博天堂国际娱乐.


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The MHS actively collects 日记, 信, and other personal papers of individuals and families, as well as the records of institutions and organizations that document the history of Massachusetts and the nation.


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The MHS collects materials from all time periods and all segments of the population and is particularly interested in acquiring 信, 日记, and other personal accounts.


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权限 & 许可

The MHS welcomes use of materials from our collection in publications, 展览, 演讲, film and video projects, 网站, 和其他工作.



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Adams Family Resources
Adams Family Resources

Spanning the years 1639 to 1889, the Adams Family Papers are the most comprehensive and historically complete family collection held by an American cultural institution.

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Thomas Jefferson Papers

The Coolidge Collection of Thomas Jefferson Manuscripts is the largest collection of private papers kept by the third president of the United States.

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Other Presidents

The MHS holds 信 written by every US president through George H.W. 布什.

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